Weekly Article


“They lived and reigned with Christ for. a thousand years.”         - Re 20:4b


Many in the religious world look forward to the ‘thousand year reign’ of Christ on earth. In fact, it is a cornerstone of premillennial theology. But, before we get too caught up in the excitement and hype, consider a couple of things.


First, numbers in the book of Revelation are usually figurative.  From the “seven churches of Asia” (1:4) to the 144,000 who were “sealed as the servants of our God” (7:3-4), to the 666 “number of the beast” (13:18), the writer employed the customary symbolic language of apocalyptic literature. The “thousand years” of chapter twenty certainly falls in that category.


But more importantly, this “thousand. year” period marks the time of Christ’s reign ─ a time when His followers would reign with Him.  The reign of Christ began about two thousand years ago (Mk 9:1, Ac 2:30-32, Col 1:13) and will end at the resurrection (1 Co 15:24-26). We who are Christians currently reign with Him as kings and priests (a “royal” priesthood, 1 Pe 2:9, Re 1:6).   


The kingdom is now!  Are you a citizen of it?      - WKing