Weekly Article


It has been said that a woman should marry a man who will mess up her lipstick and not her mascara. That is certainly good advice for any woman seeking a man ─ and for any man who is searching for (or who has already found) a woman.


Peter put it like this: “give honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel” (1 Pe 3:7). While some liberated women may find that thought offensive, Peter actually paints a beautiful picture of how a husband should think of (and treat) his wife.


Albert Barnes, in commenting on this passage, uses the terms “tender” and “delicate” to describe that idea.  A husband should treat his wife tenderly, not because she is feeble, but because she is precious and valuable. He should treat her as he would treat a priceless heirloom. And so, in-stead of demeaning a woman, this passage actually exalts her true value and worth.


A tender kiss will do more for a woman than a dictatorial edict ─ and, blessed is the husband who figures that out early on.