Weekly Article


I long ago disabused myself of any notion that my preaching or writing would achieve widespread recognition. Even preachers who are not in it for the money or the prestige appreciate it when their efforts are widely recognized; but, very few preachers ever reach such a level.


The fact is, you have never heard of most preachers of the gospel. Their names never surface beyond a small radius of influence; they write for no large brotherhood organ; and they have no full docket of gospel meetings. But, they are invaluable to the work of the Kingdom. Long after Mr. Big has left town, the local evangelist plods on, doing his little part in his little corner of the vineyard. Thank God for their efforts.


A few preachers seek for fame; but faithful preachers who rise to prominence do so because they are able to effectively connect with an audience (through tongue, pen, or personality). Even so, the vast majority of preachers of the gospel simply go unheralded, laboring where they are, doing what they can. They should speak, and write, to the best of their ability ─ but be content to leave the increase to God.                                   - WKing